For many centuries, humans have been using traditional methods of containing domestic termite problem. Using Orange oil is one such method that helps you treat your termite problem for good. However, before using orange oil, there are things that you should know. Here, you will find useful into that you may not have read or known about:

What Makes Termites So Dangerous?

Each year, termite infestation alone causes a loss of $ billions to the home and commercial industry in the US alone. Imagine the extent of damage it causes on the global scale. Removing termites is one of the most difficult jobs to perform, even for pesticide services for several reasons. Firstly, locating the exact spot or origin for termites is often difficult which is why many pesticide services fail in removing them.

However, even before you go out and buy Orange Oil for killing termites, you must do your research about hiring the best pesticide service for the job. This will make it easy to remove the termites from your place.  Once you are done with finding the service, start finding the Orange oil.

In comes the Orange Oil

Commonly known as the D-limonene, the Orange Oil is a very effective method of removing termites permanently from your place. Using Orange Oil for termite control is a tried and tested method and helps you remove many types of termites and their infestations from your place. The orange oil contains the D-limonene, which is an extract also found in other cleaning products. It is considered as a natural termite treatment and is certainly among the most effective ones. You can also use it to prevent further termite prevention in many ways. It can be used in the spray form or as a mixture. You can apply it to attic, spaces where insects usually crawl, dining hall, walls, and even railings.

Keep in mind that orange oil is highly effective against drywood termites. If your home is being ruined by drywood termites, you should give the orange oil a try. To make the orange oil treatment work, you need to identify and spot treat the infested part. Once spotted, your pesticide service will apply it individually to infested parts by drilling holes and other means to reach the heart of infestation. Through these holes, the concentrated liquid will either sprayed or poured or both. Unlike other fumigations and chemicals, the orange oil doesn’t leave a lasting residual. Moreover, as good and easy as orange oil is, it is still a simple method of controlling termites that often works. However, comparing it with most advanced and powerful fumigation methods of today is not justified.

Take Caution

The concentrated spray has a pungent smell and can cause problems in breathing and inhaling. To avoid direct inhaling, use masks and gloves before applying the spray. Using gloves is important as it is a highly concentrated solution that can injure your skin upon direct contact. If you have an infested tree of a piece of wood outside your place, it is better to apply the orange oil spray to it to contain repeated infestation. The latest iteration of the highly effective Orange Oils is the XT-2000. It is the most concentrated and latest form of Orange Oil to date and is commonly used by pest control services across the country.

Want to get rid of Drywood termites in an inexpensive way? Call your pesticide service and ask them to give your place a complete orange oil treatment.