The king termite will never leave its home that is underground. While he is not a royalty like in human world, he is still very needed and is second in command to the queen.

Just like humans termites also have classes, they are divided in 3 main groups: soldiers, laborers and termites who reproduce.

Laborers and termite troops are unmature males and females. Troops safeguard the settlement and laborers look after everyone else in their home.

Termites who reproduce are king, queen and the alates termites. The regal pair will make alates a few times each year. Alates are sexually develop guys and females that have wings and fly from their home to begin building their own new homes.

As the alates fly, they match up into couples. Once landed, they will shed their wings and become the new king and queen of their home. The termite rulers seal themselves inside a regal chamber, where they will remain for the rest of their lives. The illustrious couple is darker in shading than other termites from their home, and not at all like the others, they have working eyes.

The rulers discharge pheromones that keep all the rest of termites from creating conceptive organs. This leaves the ruler with the errand of laying every one of the eggs, however there are a few sorts of termites that have supplemental reproductives to help her. Most species additionally have supplemental rulers once the settlement is established. At the point when the first ruler can’t keep up with egg creation at an expected rate to further develop their hive, the supplemental rulers will start to deliver eggs.

Other than mating with the ruler and discharging pheromones, the king termite has no other purpose in his hive.

If you suspect you have termites, please call an expert as soon as possible and deal with the problem before it is too late.