7 Cheap And Effective Home Remedies To Help You  Get Rid Of Termites

Termite infestation can be quite frustrating. The loss accompanied by a termite infestation can be quite big, but the good news is that there are several home remedies that can help you get rid of termites effectively and without having to dig deeper in your pocket.

There are several home remedies that can get rid of termites, and the most important step in getting rid of termites is identifying the termite mound. They say a problem is solved effectively by identifying the root and in this case the mound is the root of the termites since it’s their breeding and dwelling place. You might have termites strewn all over your house, but without identifying the mound getting rid of the termites would be very difficult. Once you have identified the mound there are several ways you can get rid of the insects.

  1. Expose them to sunlight – Termites are extremely vulnerable to sunlight. Place the piece of furniture infested by the termites outside, the sunlight for more than 35 minutes. This method might not help you get rid of all the termites,but it will help you get rid of hundreds of them.
  2. Place the infested furniture in a freezer – Another effective alternative to sunlight would be freezing them or exposing them to extremely low temperatures. Placing the infested pieces of furniture into a freezer is very effective in getting rid of the termites. This method might not get rid of all the termites in your house, but it will help in getting rid of hundreds of them.
  3. Cardboard traps – Cardboards contain cellulose hence they are a rich source of food for termite’s. Wet and stack 5-6 sheets of cardboard on one another. Once soaked, place the pieces of cardboard on the surface a termite infested place for a couple of days. The termites will swarm the cardboard and after a few days carry the infested pieces and burn them.
  4. Beneficial nematodes – These are unsegmented worms that are also beneficial in getting rid of parasites. Nematodes burrow into their host such as insect larvae and cause death in less than 48 hours. Nematodes will not help get rid of the live termites but will help reduce them from multiplying.
  5. Use of Boric acid – Boric acid is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of insecticides hence it is very beneficial as it helps dehydrate the termites eventually killing them. Spraying wood with boric acid helps in preventing termites’ from infested the wood. Another effective way is to pour Boric acid on the termite hole.
  6. Orange oil – Orange oils contain an active chemical compound d-limonene that kills termites once they come into contact with it. Apply the orange oil on the infested surfaces and this will help get rid of the termites.
  7. Neem oil – Neem oil might be slow in eliminating termites, but it remains the safest and most non toxic way to get rid of termites. Neem oil causes death to the termites when they come into contact with the oil. Apply neem oil on surfaces infested by the termites and repeat this procedure until all the termites have been eliminated.