There is little doubt that termites are among the most notorious domestic pests in the world. Getting rid of them is by no means easy and you may have a hard time achieving that. These creatures have been around for almost 250 million years and have survived the toughest disasters and calamities. Suffice to say this animal knows how to survive through a tough situation. Moreover, finding the right insecticide service for getting rid of termites is equally difficult. However, with a little research and hard work, you can find the right service for the job. Keep in mind that services can charge you a great deal of money for treating your termite related trouble. Here is more about costs related to termite removal:

Types of Termites

Before you get into the cost of removing termites from your home or office, it would be better to know and understand about different types of termites. Due to a similar appearance to ants, they are also known as white ants in some parts of the world. In fact, some species of termites look unrealistically similar to ants, hence distinguishing the two may become very difficult. Though experts have calculated at least 45 species and subspecies of termites across the US alone, all these can be categorized into three main species. These are as follows:

  • Dry wood termites
  • Damp wood termites
  • Subterranean termites

Out of the three, getting a hold on subterranean termite is perhaps most difficult and expensive affair, still, there is a lot you can do to control this notorious pest while keeping your budget in check.

Costs of Treating Subterranean Termites

Frankly, no matter how much one exaggerates, the cost of treating termites is by no means as high as some pretend it to be. In fact, getting your home painted is more expensive than treating it for termites. Keep in mind that no pest control service can give you a decisive estimate. This is so because it depends on several things such as the size and structure of your house. Still, on average, most homeowners who face subterranean termite problem, spend amounts range approximately $500 – $1250 for complete treatment.

Figuring Out Termite Costs

As discussed above, calculating the exact figure of treating subterranean termite is always difficult. Your termite control service will start measuring your place in feet starting from the foundation perimeter of your place. You will find that most termite companies price their service according to calculated linear feet. For subterranean termite, your pest control service should measure the distance from your home’s foundation in feet to get the final calculated linear feet. Each of these linear feet requires applying of specific termiticide. The bigger you house, the more termiticide it will require. Subsequently, preparing more termiticide will require preparing more chemical which will cost more money. For instance, your pesticide company will charge you anywhere from $3.50 to $8.00 for each linear foot.

Termite Treatment for a New Home

If you are moving to new home or shop and want to get rid of subterranean termites, you may require treating the foundation termiticide before pouring concrete into it. Doing so will provide your newer place adequate protection to your place from termites. The best part about getting termite treatment for a new structure compared to an old one is that it is much easier to treat. With an old structure where everything is already in place, treatment requires drilling holes within one or two linear feet of the foundation. This is a painstaking process and takes up a lot of time and hard work. For instance, if you termite trouble in your old 30 x 40 feet garage, your pesticide service will calculate the square foot which in this case is 1200sq ft. The service will charge you approximately $360 for treating the garage alone.

Get Estimates

As with any home service, you need not be in a hurry and give time to search for an adequate service. There are many pesticide services out there that are providing fake or low-quality services in exchange for extra money. To avoid this situation, you must take caution before shortlisting a service. Once done, ask them for price estimates and duration of the entire process. A quality pest control service will surely relieve you from the problem.