The Price To Pay For A Termite-Free Home

So you have termites in your house, your first thought would obviously be to find a cost-effective way to get rid of these pests. However, how much you will spend greatly depends on the amount of damage done and how much infestation you are dealing with. You also have to know what type of termites you are dealing with. On the lower side, you are looking at a cost of about $1300 to $3000 while on the higher side you may be looking at a cost of about $2000 to $4000.

General Costs

  • Extermination by chemicals is generally priced by the linear foot, thus a house that is 1250 square feet or 150 linear feet all round can cost roughly $1350-$2500 and a house that is 2500 square feet may be around $1700-3200 with the higher price estimates for a house with slab foundations.
  • Extermination by bait treatment for a 1250 square foot home may normally start at around $1500 will a 2500 square foot house may be around $3000.
  • Microwave and electro gun system for areas with little infestation will cost around $1150.
  • Fumigation depends on the house’s cubic feet, including decks and any attachments. If there is a possibility that the house needs to be tented, lethal gas fumigation will be around $1200-2500 for a house that is 1250 square feet and for a 2500 square foot house it will be about $2200-3800.
  • Extermination via heat requires that the house is tented and will cost roughly $1250 for a house that is 1250 square feet and $2500 for a 2500 square foot

These costs should include:

  1. Treatment via the conventional lethal gas fumigation method in cases of whole-house infestation whereby the whole house is tented and the lethal gas is pumped in, thus the owners of the house are requested to stay out for up to 5 days.
  2. Chemical extermination whereby there is drilling of holes around the perimeter of the house and then liquid chemical is added. This is used in cases of moderate termite activity.
  3. Administration of bait through holes that have been put around the house perimeter is quite pricey compared to treatment by chemicals, but it is preferable when the property is near a water body.
  4. An Electro-gun passes 180000 volts via a gallery, which is a termite trail along the wood grain. This method is used alternatively to chemicals. Microwave systems and electro-gun systems are accessible in other areas and are made to work in small problem areas an example being a rotting window pane as opposed to an entire house. Microwaving heats the wood from the inside, thus ensuring efficient eradication of the termites.
  5. In the heat method tenting is used where they blow hot air up to temperatures of about 150 degrees Fahrenheit maximum and the framework, timber attains 120 degrees.
  6. If you are worried about chemical effects remaining you can opt for newer heat processes. Seeing as heat can be compartmentalized, if the termites are in one room only, heat is targeted in that area. Whole-house heating taking only 8 hours max will ensure that the owners of the home can be sleeping in their beds that night!